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Snagging Creations
I've taken a good look (Stefan/Bonnie), M 
4th-Jul-2010 09:53 pm
So, I fear I'm a total prude *lol* This is the first time writing smut and I hope it turned out well. Let me know what you think.

Title: I've taken a good look
Pairing: Stefan/Bonnie (TVD)
Description: An alternate ending to Miss Mystic Falls.
Rating: M, as in smut...
Disclaimer: I don't own, I just play.

Warning: Mature Rating!

She comes back to Mystic Falls fairly certain that she will end his brother’s miserable life. Talking to Caroline every day helped keeping focus. Damon was horrible, downright evil and someone had to make sure that he could never lay a hand on an innocent victim again. But now she’s walking into class and Elena is smiling. So is Stefan. And suddenly, her resolve crumbles to bits. She stares at him as if her thoughts alone could make him turn away. He doesn’t, but his smile falters as soon as his eyes meet hers.

“Bonnie. Bonnie, wait.” Elena yells after her. “You haven’t said two words since you came back.”

She’s right about that, Bonnie thinks. She hopes, Elena won’t take it personally, but scratches that thought right away. She should take it personally, after all. Elena talks and Bonnie keeps nodding. Yes, she knows that Elena had to tell her. 26 vampires on foot, out for revenge, it’s something Bonnie should know. Yes please, rub it in her face, why don’t you? It’s Caroline who saves the day and Bonnie has to smile inwardly at the irony of that. She used to believe that Caroline was so far away from real life with her beauty concerns and her perfectionism. But now, Caroline is the only normal thing in Bonnie’s life and she’s grateful for it.

“I know we talked every day, but it’s so good to see you back.” Caroline practically jumps on the spot and misses Elena’s dumbfounded face entirely. Bonnie can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her best friend.

Bonnie helps Caroline prepare for Miss Mystic Falls. There is no doubt in her mind that Caroline will win, she’s sure that there is no other girl more involved in the community. They joke and laugh and it reminds Bonnie of the time before Grams died and it makes her want to run to Elena and tell her she’s sorry.

Then, she sees Elena and Damon dancing, and there’s no thought left in her head. Bonnie is furious, disappointed, angry and a whole lot of other emotions all bundled up together that she doesn’t want to define. It’s the first time she wonders if maybe the day they opened the tomb, Grams wasn’t the only one who died. She thinks that this Elena isn’t the one she’s always known. That’s not the Elena who kicked Kirk Bernstein in the guts for making Caroline cry. This Elena would pat Kirk on the back for it.

Bonnie follows them outside, if nothing else to give Elena a piece of her mind for sneaking off with a psychopath.

She sees Amber first, crying and running from something, right before she sees Stefan. His mouth is bloody, his eyes unseeing. He’s focused on his prey. Without meaning to, she feels her heart break a little. Anger flares up in her, it’s white and hot and all-consuming. Making Stefan cringe gives her a sense of satisfaction. Seeing his face right after he comes to his senses makes her want to cry. He runs away before she can tell him she’s sorry, which is probably a good thing.

Elena is frantic, trying to cover it up. They just found Amber like this, she says, and Bonnie wonders when lying became something Elena did on a regular basis. She tries to slip away before anyone notices, but Elena catches up with her in the parking lot.

“I don’t know where he would go.” Elena is sobbing now and Bonnie feels her heart breaking again. She wants to make things better.

“I’ll find him,” she says with a confidence she doesn’t feel. Elena starts to object, but Bonnie cuts her off: “He might kill you.”

She finds him in an old cabin in the woods. Looking at him now, he looks pitiful, nothing like the predator she’s had a glimpse off earlier. Anger flares up again.

“What the hell, Stefan?” It’s the first thing that comes to mind. After that, the words just keep on flowing. “You’re supposed to be the exception. You’re supposed to be the good brother, the guy to rely on. You almost killed Amber back there! Was it at least worth it? Did she taste good? Was it everything you wanted? God, Stefan, I trusted you!” The last part comes out in a shriek. She doesn’t notice the tears that fall down her cheeks.

Her words clearly have an effect on him, if not the desired one. “It’s not like you thought I was worth saving anyway,” he spits out. He walks towards Bonnie in full strides, trapping her against a wall. “You seem to think I am the root of all evil. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.” His hands are on either side of her head, his face close to hers.

“You’ve been trying to prove different,” Bonnie is pouting and he thinks it’s sexy. His senses zone in onto her heartbeat, her breathing. The predator inside him flares up again. He cannot stop the grin that’s spreading on his face.

“I’m sorry I disappointed you then,” he whispers, but his words sound mocking and she glares at him.

“Sorry won’t cut it this time,” she snarls back. She can’t help but think that this seductive look he’s giving her is doing its trick. She’s not surprised that Amber followed him. Once upon a time, she would have followed him, too.

“Really?” his face is even closer. The blood running through her neck is singing to him, taunting him. “What will cut it, then, Bonnie?” he whispers in her ear as he brushes her hair aside.

Up until that moment she was sure she would set him on fire if he tried to kill her. Now, she’s not anymore. His mouth is suddenly so close to her neck, it’s dangerous, and yet, she feels completely safe. Her eyes flutter shut as he lets out a breath.

“Oh, I see how it goes,” he smirks and presses his lips to her skin softly, ghosting a trail from her ear to her shoulder. Her body suddenly starts working again and as her hand finds his hair, she pulls his head away from the dangerous area.

“I don’t think so,” she glares at him. She can’t fight the flutter in her stomach as he slowly licks his lips.
Grams always told her not to lose her temper. She told her that there was no telling what would happen. Never, ever was Bonnie allowed to lose control. But that smug expression on Stefan’s face tips the scale.

“You want to know how it goes?” She’s going to show him the rules. She’s going to make sure he knows who’s the boss.

Her lips crash into his before he can make a snide remark and the voice that keeps telling this is not a good idea vanishes as his tongue slips into her mouth.

He presses his body against hers, fitting himself perfectly. One of his hands slides up her leg and pulls it around his waist. Bonnie gasps at the sudden intimacy and there’s that voice again warning her of what’s about to happen.

But she can’t stop it anymore. She’s so angry, she can’t think anymore. She will make him pay, she will show him what pain really means. As if to have read her thoughts, his fingers dig into her thigh sure to leave bruises. She bites his lip then, hard enough to draw blood.

He pulls away to look at her and his eyes are full of sorrows and grief, but also anger and want and something much more primal than that. She swipes her thumb across his lip, catching the blood and slowly – very slowly – licks it off. If there still was rational thought in his mind, it was gone now.

He kisses her again then, tasting his blood on her lips as she lets out a gasp when his hand finds a breast under her shirt.

“No bra, Bonnie. You are a naughty girl,” he huffs and she can’t help a chuckle. Her hands roam over his arms and shoulders, down his chest to unbuckle his belt and further down to palm him through his pants. She’s satisfied with the hiss she receives in return.

He bunches up her skirt hastily around her waist. On of his hands finds its way between her legs as he touches her intimately. It draws a gasp from her mouth and her hips rock against his hand almost automatically. His smile is almost cruel and anger wins over lust in her mind.

Somehow she manages to push him to the floor, maybe he lets her push him. She straddles his lap then, rocking her hips slightly and drawing a moan from him. She realizes with disappointment that his lip has already healed, so she catches his mouth in a kiss only to bite him anew. This time, she licks the blood right off his lips.

His hands have found their way to her panties and he rips them off easily. She wants to complain, but two of his fingers slip inside her and it shuts her up almost immediately. As he slowly pulls and pushes she thinks she might lose it right then and there.

“Easy there, babe,” he whispers and licks a trail towards her ear. She doesn’t care about easy anymore. She pulls down his zipper and positions herself over him. Before she can push herself down, his hand stills her hips for a moment. His other hands comes up to her face to brush her hair away.

“You changed your hair,” he says softly and forces her to look at him. “I like it.” This time, all she can see in his eyes is sincerity.

Suddenly, he lets go of her hips and she sinks down quickly. He watches her intently as she throws her head back in a moan. She stays like that for a little while, adjusting to him – his size, really – before she starts moving. With every thrust she gets closer to the edge. It angers her that Stefan seems so entirely unfazed by this, so she does the only thing she knows will drive him crazy.

“Bite me,” she orders and watches his eyes go dark. She pulls her hair away from her neck and pushes herself towards his mouth. He shakes his head, closing his eyes tightly.

“Come on,” she whispers. “I want you to.” She squeezes herself around him and he gasps just as she pushes his face closer.

“Don’t you want to know if I taste as good as Amber?” she taunts him and squeezes again. She can feel a knot tie in her stomach and she knows she’s close.

“You asked for it.” His words come out in a breath as he lets himself go. His fangs break through the sensitive skin on her neck just as she’s falling apart around him, digging her nails into his shoulders. The taste of her blood makes him see stars as his release washes over him.

He doesn’t take much, but it’s enough for the taste to sear itself into his brain. He bites his own lip as he kisses her and his blood closes the wound on her neck almost immediately. They stay like that, bundled up in each other, for a little while until their breathing evens out. She holds onto him for dear life as he presses his face into her shoulder.

Her blood has taken the wanted effect, he can see her pain, her grief, feel her every emotion… including the high she’s coming down from. And with his blood came his emotions, his confusion, his struggle, his pain. They see things that nobody has ever seen of them, things that they won’t ever share with anyone else. She cries tears on his behalf then, almost choking on her breath as he wraps his arms around her tighter.

She doesn’t know how much time has passed as she slowly detaches herself from him and gets up to smooth her skirt down. They don’t look at each other as they right their clothes. When she finally does look at him, she sees sorrow and guilt. The predator is gone.

They leave the cabin together not touching, walking back to the road. She knows he will go back to the boarding house, she knows Elena is waiting for him anxiously and this night will never be mentioned again. She knows he wants things to go back to normal, she’s had a good look into his soul.

“I didn’t plan this,” she says, standing on the road. As if that could make things undone. Suddenly, she feels really guilty. Stefan smiles slightly as he looks straight at her.

“Yes, you did.” He would know, he’s had a good look into her soul.
4th-Jul-2010 08:51 pm (UTC)
Ooo! The last line made me go, 'daaannng.' Stefan caught her. Lol. I love that Stefan just needed some Bonnie lovin' to get in his right mind again. The smut was hot! Love how Bonnie took control. I understood why she felt betrayed by Stefan.
5th-Jul-2010 09:18 am (UTC)
Thanks, hon :)
3rd-Aug-2010 05:19 am (UTC)
Oh wow. This was epic. I could really sense how the two were fighting for dominance there, but I think Stefan probably let Bonnie get the upper hand in this one... I like predator!Stefan, he's much darker and more interesting this way. Great job!
3rd-Aug-2010 07:12 am (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :) First time writing something so graphic *blush*
4th-Aug-2010 12:14 am (UTC)
Haha, you did it very tastefully ;)
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