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Snagging Creations
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14th-Sep-2011 08:19 pm - A bunch of TLG graphics...
I've been making a bunch of graphics mainly for tumblr (because I've lost my spark and I'm trying out different colorings and textures and compositions and stuff...), but I figured I'd post them here as well.

7 The Lying Game

See them under the cut.Collapse )
14th-Aug-2011 12:34 pm - I love my ship.
Entry for Challenge #36 over at landofart 

1 x Jeremy/Bonnie WallPaper

9th-Jul-2011 02:47 pm - Do the shuffle.
I'm a member over at landofart  and we were given the task to make a movie poster with three celebs and a song. So here's mine:

click to seeCollapse )
27th-May-2011 07:42 pm - The season of TVD has ended...
... and I feel like it has changed a lot for me.

Go on if you dare.Collapse )
Well, well... it's not the best I've ever written, but at least I'm writing, right? ;)

Title: It's not destiny, it's a choice
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Characters: Bonnie, Elijah, mentions of others
Words: 2000+
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, just my castles.

He knows she will choose him eventually.Collapse )
18th-Apr-2011 10:47 pm - A little magic (TVD - PG13)
Alright, so I'm back at school and somehow classes have gotten even crazier this year. Don't expect as many updates from me is all I'm saying. I've got another two or three pieces started (one that apparently will be really long...), but this one I squeezed out before bed:

Title: A little magic
Characters: Jeremy, Bonnie
Words: 914
Summary: It's one for bambiscott who gave me the prompt for a JB future fic (with possible children). Not much is going on, actually, except watch for pink footsie pajamas.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, Bonnie would be main character and Jeremy a vampire hunter... but they're not, so they're not mine :P

Don't look at me like that.Collapse )
2nd-Apr-2011 02:56 pm - In another life.
Just a little idea I had.

Title: In another life
Fandom: TVD
Characters: Ben, Bonnie
Rating: PG13
Words: 904
Summary: In another life, he would have married her.
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, as usual.

He watches her from afar long before he even shows up on her radar. Collapse )
1st-Apr-2011 10:28 pm - And if you die, I'll kill you.
jensen killed fangirls
I'm at my other computer right now, so I can't keep working on the prompts I've started so far. But here's a little something different.

Title: And if you die, I'll kill you.
Fandom: TVD
Characters: Jeremy, Bonnie, Damon
Words: 2,224
Summary: Jeremy, Bonnie and Damon go to the location where they think the witches' burial ground is.
Spoilers: The images and promos that came out for 2x17. Everything else is my speculation.
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, just my castles.

Jeremy is not sure if he’s supposed to be excited or mortified by this constellation.Collapse )
1st-Apr-2011 04:20 pm - Eyecon
While I thoroughly enjoy all the photos and videos that are now cruising through the internet thanks to some wonderful fans attending the Eyecon event last weekend, I'll also have to say how grateful I am that I decided against spending an exorbitant amount of money on going.

I've been thinking of going to a convention for years now, mostly looking into the ones in the UK, because it's closer. And in all these years, people have never been as upset afterward as they have with Eyecon. Not only did they seem disorganized and unprofessional, apparently they also stole money from sponsors: Vee explains her experience on vampire-diaries.net.

From all the comments I have read I can only come to the conclusion that Eyecon is literally stealing your money. They advertise grand things on their website (Masquerade ball, Miss Mystic Falls pageant, etc.) which then don't even happen or only happen in a way that is disappointing and ridiculous to all attending. They don't even hire trained staff or volunteers they know, apparently they don't even work with the volunteers that they work with. They just put them in some place and tell them to hold the fort for three days.

Since I wasn't there, I cannot personally decide how horrible it was. So I won't say much more, except this: I won't ever go to an Eyecon event, unless Vee or Ruthie or the majority of future attending fans can convince me otherwise. I advise everyone else to do the same. Unfortunately, I have heard on more than one occasion that someone spent more than $1000 on their experience with Eyecon and what they received wasn't even worth $15.
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